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Remedial teaching for expat children.

RondomLeren supports pupils who have lived abroad, as well as pupils who have previously started in the Dutch education system and returned after a number of years abroad.

Despite the rich experiences that they have gained elsewhere, these children often find it difficult to find their way within the Dutch school system. Understanding spoken and written language and taking the lessons in their classes is often quite a challenge.

RondomLeren offers specialised remedial teaching to expat children.

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The program is tailored to the learning development of your child.
In consultation with all parties involved, including the school, we offer a specially composed remedial teaching program that covers reading comprehension, vocabulary, arithmetic, (verb) spelling, and grammar.

Intensive contact between the school and the teacher is of great importance in this regard. the content, frequency, and duration of the program.

RondomLeren 4145075 1 scaled Remedial Teaching Hilversum 200x300 Remedial Teaching for expat childrenLearning is tailor-made.

In consultation with you and the school, didactic research can be carried out prior to the supervision.
The goals arising from this research are described in the treatment plan and form the common thread for the first 12 counseling weeks. After this intensive supervision period, didactic research will be conducted again in consultation with you and the school and evaluated with all those involved.

In this way, we carefully monitor the learning development of your child, and on the basis of this, we can make new agreements and adjust the supervision program.

Remedial Teaching online from abroad.

When staying abroad, it is possible to follow a specific program online. Whether it concerns keeping in touch with Dutch-language education or as a possible preparation for a return or a migration to the Netherlands, we put together a unique remedial teaching program for every child in every situation.

For information about options and rates, please contact us.


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Jet Streutker, directeur RondomLeren B.V.